Meet Ed Smyth

Ed_Smyth.jpgMy life experiences as the son of two immigrants, the father of four children, the managing partner of a law firm, the owner of a title insurance company currently with nine employees, and having served as a reserve Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps, has adequately prepared me for the rigors of leadership in the Town of Huntington.

Improving Quality of Life and Public Safety

As a life-long resident of Huntington, I am intimately familiar with the diverse interests in the town: quality of life issues, sensible code enforcement, coupled with responsible development are the backbone of my candidacy. Curtailing unsafe and illegal apartments is the first step towards eliminating Huntington’s crime and school funding issues.

Bringing Jobs Back to Huntington

I believe the best avenue to affordable housing is bigger paychecks for residents of the town. To that end, as a Town Councilman, I am confident I can attract new businesses, including Russell 2000 (and perhaps even Fortune 500 companies) to the Route 110 corridor. Over the next four years it is my goal to make Huntington the financial epicenter of Long Island. An influx of top executive-level jobs will benefit the entire community – from accountants to law firms; from landscapers to deli owners – and create more jobs for Huntington residents at every level.

Ed_Smyth_Marines.jpgModernizing Our Infrastructure

None of this is possible without significant investment in infrastructure. The existing electrical, telecom and traffic grids are decades old. Through town resources, public and private partnerships, and my immutable demands on county and state agencies, Huntington will evolve into a modern, self-sufficient township. In the short term, re-development of infrastructure will provide thousands of skilled labor jobs. In the long term, Huntington will break its dependency on New York City for high-paying executive-level jobs. With foresight and adherence to a master plan, this type of development can be woven into the existing fabric of our community - preserving our “small town" feel while offering world-class amenities.

None of this can happen while Route 110, Park Avenue, Larkfield Road, Route 25A and other major traffic arteries are choked with traffic. It will not happen while Huntington is riddled with “dead zones” in cellular service. It will not happen as long as our lights flicker every time the wind blows over 30 miles an hour. It will not happen so long as the Long Island Railroad drains millions of potentially productive hours out of our local economy every year as our residents commute to jobs in New York City.

This is my vision for Huntington. With teamwork, help from old friends and new, we can make the impending transformation of Huntington an example other towns will look at as a model for growth.

Learn more about the issues that motivated me to run for Town Board.


Ed and his wife Coriander reside in Lloyd Harbor. They are both lifelong residents of Huntington. Introduced by a mutual friend in high school, Ed and Coriander stayed in touch over the years and reconnected at Meehan’s in 1998. They have four children, Harlan, 16, Edmund Jr., 13, Lily, 11, and Sarah, 9. The Smyths are a busy family of hockey players and musicians!

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