Issues Facing Huntington

Many issues must be addressed to improve the safety and quality of life in Huntington:

Crime/Gang Violence

Strict code enforcement and curtailing unsafe and illegal apartments is the first step towards eliminating crime in Huntington.


We pay some of the highest tax rates in the country. We deserve first class services from our local town government and if these services are not being delivered in an efficient manner, we need to cut the waste to stop the rising tax burden on residents and businesses.


We need to make Huntington a more affordable place to live and do business. Over the next four years it is my goal to make Huntington the financial epicenter of Long Island with job growth at all levels and that starts with an investment in infrastructure.


Huntington's existing electrical, telecom and traffic grids are decades old. Through town resources, public and private partnerships, and my immutable demands on county and state agencies, Huntington will evolve into a modern, self-sufficient township.


There must be a comprehensive review of traffic and parking before further development in Huntington's downtown areas and along heavily trafficked roads.

term_limits.pngTerm Limits

Term limits prevent politicians from entrenching themselves in office. I will fight to bring transparency to our town government and all of its decision-making.

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